A TRULY Proven Method to trade. You will learn specific high probability low risk trade set ups and how to discriminate them.

A Military like DISCIPLINE to follow your method: Develop a customized Trading Plan using Jeff’s own template that will include the specific set ups you will take, risks. limit loss, etc… Everything you need to actually eliminate all possibilities of guessing and lack of discipline.

REAL life TRADING EXPERIENCE as part of your daily training. Is it possible to learn how to swim before going into the water? With the Professional Trader Mentoring Program you actually go inside the water under the watchful eye of your very own lifeguard, your mentor Jeff, who will guide you every step of the way.

MANAGE your EMOTIONS: 60% of your trading success depends upon your emotions. But how can you program your emotions for success before you actually have attained success? Learn the emotional discipline that will allow you to overcome the bad habits and self sabotage that keep you from succeeding

Watch the clock! Watch your calendar! Are there particular days and hours in which you should NEVER trade? Learn from a 40 year expert who traded in the pit and knows the important nuances of the market and the important hours and days when you should never be in the market.

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